We warmly welcome you to this site as we feel joy that you are attracted here. We had hoped you would come.

There is always wonder that joins up with both coincidence & synchronicity and being here to experience this site is just that…a bit of magic. There are only good vibrations rather than tricky marketing techniques that escort you to this place. It is not some fluke either that you are here, it is a fortunate passage fulfilled. Again, we extend our warm welcome and know you will appreciate the intent and the products offered.

This site is opened as a special place, somewhere between the 3rd and 5th dimensions and truly and consistently is part of the future power of exchanging love in equality. There is no other site like this one. It is an original. It sits itself inside a belief that within Love there is a soothing way to flow that avoids commercialism as we know it. We are grateful for your eyes to have met these words and we want to encourage you to come closer and be here for a while. You do not have to purchase anything, and we know you will respect our rights that you do not take from here what you have not purchased, except for the wisdom and love that is offered without hesitation or limitation.

It is certainly true that the work and life of those connected to this site are deeply united to “Appreciating” also. All that comprises this body of work, and more, comes directly out from Appreciating. The simple deliberate heart felt creations that come out of appreciating are special. Appreciations are waves of Positive-Growth that comes into a greater existence all the time. An Appreciation made will grow into more to appreciate, hence we appreciate everything about this site and the work required to create it. The results of this body of work, is a love and a passion. It permeates and radiates goodness, as it becomes, and it becomes with your energies too. We, again, state our appreciation for your interest and focus. It will only serve if there are people showing interest in this art form.

All the contents in this site have been formed upon the ideas and ideals of The Law of Attraction (LOA), and it ventures out to include the LOA concept of “Letting It Go”, surrendering and allowing what will take its natural course is what this is all about. We create what we think about, and we think this is a great space to release our positive thoughts in the knowing that those that come here will benefit and contribute perfectly. If you are here, we trust, it is good for you and for all others.

LOA believers intuitively know what is theirs and what is others and take personal responsibility for honesty and integrity. This is part of the teachings that are essential to receive the best possible results provided to you as an individual. This could be mentioned more openly and frequently throughout society yet make note that “transparency” is a part of our growth forward. What is for free, here, and everywhere, is the individual’s freedom to do what is the right thing to do. We live in the bubble of self-awareness and trusting in the truth is a stepping-stone that never turns over and/or changes its value. We are each responsible for ourselves first.


We are joyfully offering a variety of beautiful meaningful Law of Attraction Appreciation cards categorized on this site with general themes to assist customers to locate what they want easily. These cards are in the copyright ownership of Peggy & Uri Halevi (Halevi Cards.Com) and are available to customers at the prices posted and/or with specific written permission. These cards are unique and personal yet simple and clear. When you are aware of the Law of Attraction, these cards joyfully support your frame of mind & heart felt life expressions in ways that others will appreciate the cards as assisting them to feel good too. These cards are spiritually timely, transmitted and created with the intention to bring forth the ideas, thoughts and desires that are supported by and following the simple teachings included in the Law of Attraction Basics.

These cards are intended to be thought provoking, supportive, artistic, and reflective. This site falls far short of being a competitive venue as the creators believe that competition and creativity do not stand upon each other for strength. Here as you wander around absorbing good thoughts and vibrations the creators of this site appreciate that the passengers in this open portal of cooperation and trust are also aware of the immeasurable asset that thrives within self confidence as a partner in creativity.

We sincerely feel that you will relate to these cards as a vehicle to reflect and/or promote, remember and/or teach,

heal and/or understand.

The quotes range greatly as does the teachings of the Law of Attraction, yet they are consistent in their truth. Although this card creation spans across ten or more years, the messages remain equal in value and intent.

Please enjoy browsing through them and when you find a card that speaks to you or that you want to share with others, purchase them here. Each card has a limited edition which will be indicated on the purchased item establishing authenticity and record of purchase. Each Card is personally signed by the author, which validates the authenticity of each card. The themes are created to assist customers to focus in on the area of the Law of Attraction they are wanting for self or others.

This huge collection (over three thousand cards created over 10 years) of Law of Attraction based inspirational cards are supported by personally owned photos that enhance the messages. There is some magic that happens bringing photos and inspirational statements together. A photo is worth a thousand words and allowing inspired words to rest with these photos is truly where an aspect of the Art of Appreciation resides. The summation results of bringing these two things together (pictures and words) are equal to much more than the simple addition of their parts. It is wonderful and a great honor to have a set of spiritual cards that are LOA based to send to friends who are already esoteric thinkers and doers. Additionally, it feels good to send these cards and messages to friends and relatives you sense are open to learning the Law of Attraction, perhaps even through these card gems and trusty messages.

Physically, each card is printed, as seen, onto quality card stock and every card is accompanied with an envelope and a clear sleeve which retains color and freshness. They send a carrying tone that resonates with many people. The messages often repeat a loving Voice heard within the authors soul.

These gems are a life work and surfaces many deeply understood thoughts to enhance all who want to be positive and expand further.

It is a true delight to allow this site to be opened by you. We are ready to expand in unique and current ways. In a space between what we know and what we are coming into, there is a trust and there is a curiosity, although above all, there is a knowing that everything is working out in our best interest. That promotes safe journey into the amazing unknown.

The tremendous depth and facets of The Law of Attraction are of great interest here and if you want to contact the providers of this site, please do.

There are uncountable thoughts that swirl about in the “Vortex of Creation” of which we are ALL part of. We are all in this together.

With Love and Appreciation,

~ Peggy & Uri Halevi ~

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